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FAQ's People Ask To Learn More About African Safari Tours

What is a safari?

The word “safari” stems from the Swahili word for “journey”. Originally safaris were typically to east African countries but more recently, destinations in southern African countries have also become popular. Hiking and sightseeing as part of the safari allows tourists to enjoy exotic locations and the majestic splendor of the countryside.

Where is the best place to go on a safari?

The locations we feel the best places to go on a safari depend on the type of experience an individual is looking for, the type of wildlife they would like to encounter and other activities they would like to enjoy on this journey. Our popular destinations are:

-South Africa’s Kruger national park & Sabie sands, Zululand & Cape Town

-Zimbabwe’s Victoria falls

-Botswana’s Okavango Delta

-Kenya’s Masai Mara

-Tanzania’s Serengeti

-Uganda & Rwanda for Gorilla Trekking

How much does a safari cost?

Safaris are more affordable than most people think. A safari is very competitive price-wise to trips and vacations most people enjoy throughout the world. The cost of a safari is completely dependent on the type of accommodation, length of stay, destination and time of the year.

What animals do you see on a safari?

Certain animals are more commonly seen in specific areas and some animals are only seen in certain areas. Typically most safari activities will be in search of the “Big 5”… Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Elephant & Rhino. However so much more can be seen along the way…. Giraffe, Hippo, Zebra, different Antelope species and much, much more…

How long do you need for a safari?

When you get there you might not want to leave, but most people will spend between 10 to 21 days. This allows time to enjoy several safari camps or even multiple countries while watching the wildlife in their habitats.